Pocatello: Ammon Park

Investigation Notes (Spring 2002)

After a couple of investigations to the park we have had only a couple of experiences. Tracy and Chris both had the feeling that the little girl was present and was still wearing the blue dress. She had brown hair just below the shoulders. Her dress was like a Easter Sunday dress which was baby blue in color with white lace.

We feel that she was killed there at the park either in the little tool shed shown on the picture page or in the vicinity of the park. Towards the end of investigation, we felt that she was hiding by a tree. Upon investigation of the tree Chris had the strong feeling that he was intruding and she wanted him to leave the area surrounding the tree. While returning to the car, we felt that she was following us and she wanted us to stay. We did not want her to follow us back to our homes so we kindly asked her to stay there and then left.

While filming the area, Chris caught the following footage of a swing set. Only one of the four swings was moving rapidly while the others were only slightly moving.

Investigation Notes (9/28/2002)

Our return visit to Ammon Park only had a couple occurrences. While producing very little results, the investigation was a good training opportunity for our newest member Matt.

The first occurrence happened while we were taking compass readings on the now repaired swing set. When the compass is placed on the swing that is shown moving in the above video, the compass shows a heading of north being in what is actually the north west direction. After checking the calibrations of all three of our compasses, a compass was then placed on each of the three main swings. The middle swing showed the closest correct heading towards north while the left swing showed a heading of north in what is actually the north east direction. A future investigation is planned to return to Ammon Park and see where the three headings intersect.

The second occurrence happened when a van pulled up with a couple adults and a child. Chris had a feeling of fright and hatred towards the van. After the van left, the feelings that Chris was receiving subsided.

small image

Picture 01

Photo of swing set and surrounding area.
small image

Picture 02

Close up of swing set where one swing is seen moving.
small image

Picture 03

Photo where impressions were felt of the girl hiding behind the tree.
small image

Picture 04

Photo of the tool shed where impressions were felt. This maybe where the girl was killed or in surrounding area.

Video 01

Video of where the swing is moving just on its own. it was a calm day.

Video 02

Compass was only being affected while on the swing no other place.