Soda Springs: Enders Hotel

Investigation notes (7/29/2002)

We were told about a picture that was taken before the remodeling of the Enders Hotel in Soda Springs, ID. We investigated the haunting and these are the results. Please note that we had no information or description of the ghosts prior to this investigation. The Hotel is a three story building with the 2nd floor serving as a museum and the 3rd floor containing rooms. We knew the picture was taken in the basement but we decided to investigate the rest of the building first. Tracy had the feeling that someone had fallen down the staircase from the 1st floor leading to the 2nd floor and was lingering because of that. We investigated the 2nd and 3rd floors not picking up any thing except a dead end hallway that was very hot and the air was thick. We also noticed that the hallway was very calm and quiet down. We called Tracy over to check it out and when he walked down the hallway he saw a blue flash in the mirror, which had the same color of electricity arcing. (Click on audio 1 to hear the arc description). We left the hallway and Chris had a intuition that the ghost in the hotel was a clean-shaven middle-aged man dressed in a black suit. Eric pointed to an old picture that had a family in it where one of the men was wearing a black vest and was clean-shaven. Chris stated that the man he visioned was missing the jacket but was wearing the same style. (Click on audio 2 for Chris's description). After investigating the 2nd and 3rd floor, we went down stairs to the lobby and spoke with an employee. She stated that there was a hotel employee named Penny who would see someone come into her room and feel them sit on her bed. We were unable to investigate the basement due to the owner was not present. We left him our information in hopes we can go back and due more investigating.

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Picture 01

Photo of hotel from the outside
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Picture 02

Photo of hotel from the outside different angle
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Picture 03

Photo of ghost
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Picture 04

Photo of ghost close up
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Picture 05

Photo of ghost close up in film negative.

Audio 01

Description Tracy gives.

Audio 02

Description that Chris gave of the ghosts that is later confirmed by hotel employees before we leave.