Pocatello: Idaho State University

Student Union Building

Investigation Notes (10/5/02)

A walk through of the game room in the Pond Student Union Building at Idaho State University produced no results. Tracy and I feel that the strange occurrences described in the above story result from normal game room noises. The cash register is aged which could account for the drawer opening on its own. The help desk is in a location where is would not be able to view the hallway that contains the lockers and the desk does not have a clear view of either one of the two pool halls. A student would be able to knock pool balls, bang lockers, play air hockey, and make noises without the attendant seeing them. As for the pin ball machines playing on their own...this is not unheard of. When games are in a stand by mode, they sometime show demo games. The temperature fluctuates very easily due to the many open corridors and ventilation ducts in the area of the game room.

Frazier Hall

Investigation notes (10/5/2002)

A walk through without the use of any equipment was conducted and Tracy sensed a presence in the basement area. Information is currently being collected and arrangements are being made for a full team investigation. Check back frequently for the results.